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Tresgreen Technology Private Limited

We are specialized in providing Hydroponics Solutions, Vertical Gardening,  Wet Waste Management, Kitchen Gardening, Organic Farming , Personalized Pots and Planters with Complete Landscaping   for Luxury residential projects, Offices, Hospitality, and Government Organizations. Tresgreen has pioneered the concept of Hydroponics, Green Wall, Wet Waste Management  across India since 2014.

Earlier the company was under the name & label of “SGI Enterprises” , however with increasing business volume the company was restructured to a Pvt. Ltd. Under the name of TRESGREEN Technology to a Pvt. Ltd. In 2018 the company has innovated and launched best products to Indian markets. General hydroponics was brought from Europe to India by us. Also hydro farm was brought from Us to India. Trimpro Canada was also introduced to India. The journey continued to grow by launch of “99 hydro”, a debut online hydro store of India.

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